KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 Metal Diamond Galassia Black


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KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 Metal Diamond Galassia Black

The KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 Metal Diamond Black has a has a deep gloss black coating with a little sparkle. The front insert is made of beautiful shiny Galassia Glitter in black. The frame is in chrome, the grill, sub-grill and the button have the same Metal Diamond Black coating. This helmet comes standard with a black genuine leather chin strap.

Shell: Metal Diamond Black
Peak: Metal Diamond Black
Front insert: Galassia Glitter Black
Frame: Chrome
Grill: Metal Diamond Black
Sub grill: Metal Diamond Black
Button: Metal Diamond Black
Chinstrap: Black Leather

The KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 Metal Diamond Galassia Black comes with a lining and sturdy KEP Italia bag.
The delivery time is approximately 3 weeks. Please contact with us for the current delivery time.

KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 features:

* Chinstrap attached at 5 points for extra security and stability.
* NFC Chip incorporated in the helmet, for example for medical data. This can be read in the event of an accident, even without the Kep App.
* Ventilation has been improved by some adjustments to the Air-System.
* Perfect fit with the new super soft lining, which is made of ecological materials. Machine washable (advice in a laundry bag) at 30
degrees (or hand wash).
* Maximum Security!!
* You can replace the visor, front and rear insert yourself! You can switch from regular peak to Polo peak yourself, or from Shine to Glitter.
* The grill can be opened and closed by with the KEP logo button. The back of the grill (which you can see through the holes of the grill), called SUB-GRILL, can also be chosen in color!

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