Animo Tailcoat Lageo custom

The chic jackets from Animo Italia are made of super fine breathable fabric, fit nicely and are also water-repellent. The jackets close not only with buttons, but also with a zipper behind the buttons.

The Lageo Tailcoat is a beautiful tailcoat for a professional and classy look. You can order the Animo Lageo Custom tailcoat from € 629,-

Prices of the extra options:

Other basic color than black or blue: € 20.00
Other color for the collar: € 30.00
Piping along the collar: € 20.00
Other color for the points: € 30.00
Piping along the points: € 20.00
Animo logo on the sleeve in Swarovski instead of white label: € 20.00


You can also opt for buttons with genuine Swarovski. These are the buttons B2 and B3 and they have an additional cost of € 49,-.

For an additional cost of € 75,-  the sleeves can be made longer or shorter for you up to a maximum of 2 cm. Do you need more or less cm or do you want to have your jacket adjusted in terms of shoulder or hip width as well as in the length of the torso or the slips? This is possible for an additional cost of € 150.

Shiny Swarovski!

Do you really want to shine in the ring? Then choose extra Swarovski on the collar and/or points! This can be done in 3 different ways:

– edge along the collar/points
– Swarovski application SWA
– Swarovski application SWB

For the edge along the collar and/or points you can choose from all Swarovski colors that you see next to the colors of the collar and the piping. An edge along the collar and/or points has an additional cost of € 50,- per part.

The Swarovski application SWA is made of Crystal Swarovski on all jacket colors and gives your jacket a luxurious look. On the collar or points this gives an additional cost of € 90,- per part or € 150,- for both collar and points.

The Swarovski application SWB is really super chic! Beautiful pattern made from 3 different sizes of Swarovski. The largest stones are tone on tone in the color of your jacket. You can order the SWB application on your collar or points for an additional cost of € 190 per part or € 350,- for both collar and points.

Delivery time

The Animo jackets are made especially for you in Italy, the delivery time is approximately 6-8 weeks. Do you have any questions or would you like to come by to view and try on jackets? Feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

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