Equiline Tetrix saddle pad custom made

The Equiline Tetrix saddle pad has a new Tetrix diamond and extra good shock absorption. This saddle pad is reinforced at the withers to prevent wear. The top quality saddle pads are made of 100% natural and breathable cotton. In addition, they are anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic. Inside the saddle pad has a 900 gram filling.

Choose from 1 of the 6 basic colors and customize it with a different trimming, cords, rhinestones or tape of your choice.

Always along the outer edge in combination with 1 or 2 cords on the inside. Only the Beige Rhinestones S005 can be placed between 2 cords or without cords at all. You can choose whether you want the rhinestones only at the back or all around the pad.

(Glitter) Tape:
Can only be ordered without cords or rhinestones. Can be combined with a different color for trimming.

The additional cost for the adjustments:
– different trimming € 7,50
– cord, per piece € 9,50
– tape € 9,50
– glittertape € 17,50
– rhinestones € 35,-
– rhinestones all around € 65,-

On this page you will find – in addition to the custom Tetrix saddle pad – examples of customized Equiline Tetrix covers. ALL examples of the saddle pads are available in both a jumping and dressage model!

Do you need a saddle pad right away? Then take a look at the category “Saddle pad from stock“.

Equiline Tetrix dekjeKleuren koorden equiline

If you can’t figure it out, feel free to contact us. We have color samples in the showroom so that we can show you different combinations. Not able to come by? Then we can also send you the photos via Whatsapp.

The Equiline Tetrix saddle pads are custom made in Italy especially for you. The delivery time is approximately 4 weeks.

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