ASUP saddle pad

Do you want to create your own custom ASUP saddle pad? No problem! ASUP has 3 different types of saddle pads, both for dressage saddle and showjumping/eventing. You can choose from the sizes Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full for all saddle pads.

You can choose from these models for your ASUP saddle pad:

– Quadro or Quarzo: saddle pad with a large wave stepping and a nice waffle lining at the bottom, price from 72 euro
– Quola or Quia: saddle pad with a large diamond and the same cotton material at the bottom as the top, price from 61.50 euro
– Quer or Quattro: cover with a small diamond and a soft cotton molton bottom, price from 61.50 euro

ASUP-Quarzo-dekje-dressuur ASUP-Quola-dekje-samenstellen-zwart Anna-Scarpati-dekje-Quattro-dressuur-custom

You can choose from no less than 15 basic colors for all models. In addition, you can adjust the trimming, add an extra binding, choose 1-3 cords and 1 or 2 strass cords. Special for ASUP is the Triple Strass, a wide super-shiny rhinestone edge!

The total of cords/rhinestones/piping is a maximum of 4.
Make sure that the rhinestone has an outer edge, trim or cord on both sides, this is necessary to properly attach the rhinestone.

Surcharge for the different options:

– Different color for trimming: € 7,50
– Extra binding: € 15,00
– Extra binding multi color: € 22,50
– Cord, per piece: € 9,50
– Strass, per piece: € 35,00
– Triple Strass: € 55,00

The delivery time of ASUP’s custom-made shawls is approximately 6-8 weeks.


ASUP-kleuren-dekjes-zelf-samenstellen-custom ASUP-zelf-samenstellen-rand-binding-en-koordkleuren ASUP-kleuren-koorden-zelf-samenstellen ASUP-Anna-Scarpati-Strass ASUP-Special-bindings-custom


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