Animo saddle pad WJ and WD

The Animo pads WJ and WD have a large diamond diamond, a cotton bottom and a somewhat softer, thicker filling. These top saddle pads are anatomically shaped, have a cotton filling and are very breathable.

Nicely finished with the well-known Animo logo on the left in the corner. Available in size Pony, Cob, Full or Extra Full. The Extra Full saddle pads are a bit longer at the bottom, especially suitable for larger or round horses.

The WJ is the jumping model and the WD is the dressage model. You can choose from no less than 13 basic colors for both models! In addition, you can adjust the edge color, choose 1-3 cords and 1 or 2 rhinestone cords. Special with Animo is that you can also opt for an extra trim. This can be done right along the edge or first the cords and then the trim on the inside.

The basic price for this cover is 60 euros.
Surcharge for the different options:

Other color for trimming: € 7,50
Extra binidng: € 15,00
Cord, per piece: € 9,50
Strass, per piece: € 29,50

The total of cords/rhinestones/piping is a maximum of 4.
Make sure that the rhinestone has an outer edge, trim or cord on both sides, this is necessary to properly attach the rhinestone.

ALL sample saddle pads are available in the jumping or dressage variant!

The pads are custom made for you in Italy and have a delivery time of approximately 8 weeks.

Do you need a saddle pad right away? Then look at the category “Saddle pads from stock“.



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