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Saddle pads custom made

Do you want to customize your own saddle pad? This is possible with the saddle pads of both Equiline, ASUP and Animo Italia. You can also order matching flyveils, rugs, stable curtains and stable guards from both brands. The same cords are used for this as on the saddle pad, so they match perfectly!

Equiline saddle pad custom:

The custom saddle pads are available in 4 different variants. The Octagon saddle pad with the well-known Equiline diamond, the Quadro saddle pad with the classic small diamond , the Lauren saddle pad with a large check and a waffle lining at the underside and the Tetrix with a Tetrix diamond, reinforcement at the withers and extra good shock absorption. Every saddlepad has his own basic colour and available models.

Octagon: from € 89,-
Quadro: from € 82,-
Lauren: from € 114,-
Tetrix: from € 124,-

Extra costs for the options:
– Different colour for trimming € 10,-
– cord, per piece € 12,50
– (glitter) tape € 20,-
– rhinestones € 40,00
– rhinestones all around € 75,00

Delivery of the custom Equiline saddle pads will be about 4 weeks.

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Animo Italia saddle pad custom:

Beautiful saddle pads by Animo Italia. All saddle pads can be ordered as a dressage or jumping pad in sizes Pony, Cob, Full and XL. The difference between W6/W10 and W7/W11 is the place of the logo. On the W6/W10 you will find the logo at the botto., on the W7/W11 you find the logo in the corner. The WJ/WD model is a bit softer with the same fabric at the undersite as on the upperside.

All saddle pads can be customized with a trimming, strass, cords and -special for Animo- an extra binding. For the binding you can you choose if you like it next to the trimming, or if you want cords next to the trimming and the binding on the inside.

You have an option for 1-3 cords and 1 or 2 rows with strass. For two rows of strass there has to be a cord in between. The total of applications is max 5. Please notice with strass there has tho be trimming, binding or cord on both sides of the strass for attachment.

Prices for the different models:
– W6/W10 from € 84,-
– W7/W11 from € 88,-
– WJ/WD from € 75,-

Extra costs for the options:

  • Different colour for trimming: € 10,-
  • Extra binding: € 15,00
  • Cord, per piece: € 10,-
  • Strass, per piece: € 35,-
Delivery of the Animo Italia custom saddle pads will take about 8 -12 weeks.

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Do you need a saddle pad quickly?

Please take a look at the category “Saddle pads from stock” if you find a saddle pad you like. These saddle pads will be shipped in 1-2 days.

Would you like more information about customizing your saddle pad?

Or do you like to know the options for a complete custom outfit? Please contact us, we are happy to help. Also perfect for a stable or team for a professional look.

Would you like to have your name or logo embroidered on your saddle pad? No problem, please mention this in the “comments” section and we will contact you. More information about embroidery of printing can be find here >>

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