Rugs custom made

Equiline rug custom made

Equiline Fleece rug Hugo can be ordered in basic colours black, navy or grey and they all have detachable cross surcingles.
Equiline Leeds is a top quality fleece rug with a basic colour in navy.

Prices for the rugs without options:

Fleece rug Hugo: € 84,-
Walking rug Leeds: € 230,-

Extra costs for the options:

– Trimming in a different colour € 15,-
– Tape € 22,50
– Glitter  tape € 35,-
– Cord, per piece € 27,50
– Rhinestones € 175,-
– Ornament € 110,-

Equiline custom rugs will take about 4 weeks to deliver.

Animo Italia rug custom made

Animo has 5 different rugs which you can customize in your own colours. All rugs are available in sizes XS to XL. Animo Fleece rugs can be ordered in no less then 14 basic colours. Wool, waffle and mesh rugs can be ordered in 4 basic colours.

Prices for the rugs without options:

Animo fleece rug Jeep: € 175,-
Animo waffle rug Jardin: € 175,-
Animo  wool rug Jaune: € 319,-
Animo mesh rug Jazz: € 154,-
Animo fleece exercise rug Jup: € 99,-

Extra costs for the options:

– Trimming in a different colour: € 12,50
– Extra binding: € 21,50
– Different colour for binding on back: € 12,50
– Cord, per piece: € 15,-
– Strass: € 59,-
– Ornament in 1. 2 or 3 colours: € 59,-

Delivery of the custom Animo Italia rugs will take about 6 weeks.

Other rugs

In addition to the custom blankets, we also have a number of rugs that are available from stock. When the size is stated with the rug, we can deliver it within 1-2 working days. If no size is stated or if you want a different size, the usual delivery time applies.

We also have fine standard blankets from Equiline on this page, such as the Weston fly blanket and the Reynosa stable blanket. These all have a delivery time of approximately 2-3 weeks.

Embroidery of your rug

Would you like to have your name, flag and/or logo embroidered on your rug? Please fill in at the “comments” section and we will contact you. You can find more information about embroidery and printing here >>

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