Do you need a flyveil quickly? Please take a look at our Flyveils from stock. Would you like to order a custom flyveil? That is possible with the flyveils from Equiline and Animo Italia.

Equiline flyveils

Top quality flyveil which can be ordered in your own colours. You can choose from a “normal” version, a square version and a long model. You can choose from a wide variety of cords and rhinestones. All flyveils can be ordered with soundproof ears. The flyveils are custom made for you in Italy delivery will take about 4 weeks.

Flyveil custom: from € 42,-
Flyveil soundproof custom from € 63,-
Flyveil square custom: from € 57,-
Flyveil square soundproof custom: from € 73,-
Flyveil long custom: from € 57,-
Flyveil long soundproof custom: from € 68,-

Extra costs for the options:

– Cord, per piece: € 11,-
– Rhinestones: € 20,-
– (Glitter) tape: € 15,-
– Embroidery patch: € 10,-

Animo Italia flyveils

Animo Italia flyveils are so beautiful and functional at the same time.
Available in 3 models in 9 different colours in sizes Cob and Full. All can be ordered with soundproof ears (SP), the standardmodel can also be ordered with an embroidery patch (CR).

The different models:

Caroline: Standard flyveil without applications, price from € 59,90
Caroline LR: Flyveil with Animo logo embroidered in white, price from € 65,-
Caroline LS: Flyveil with Animo logo in strass, price from € 75,-

You can add 1-3 cords, strass and/or an extra binding. This binding will always be on the inside, if you order cords as well they will be placed underneath. If you order strass there should be binding and/or cord on both sides for attachment.

Extra costs for the options:

– Binding: € 9,50
– Cord, per piece: € 7,00
– Strass, per piece: € 19,50
– Embroidery patch: € 6,-
– Soundless ears: € 10,00

Animo Italia flyveils will be custom made for you in Italy, delivery will take about 6 weeks. Do you need a flyveil quick? Please take a look at the category Flyveils from stock.

All examples can be ordered in the different models, with or without soundless ears.

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Flyveils from stock

Flyveils from stock

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Equiline custom

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