Equiline halfpads

Equiline has two types of halfpads in size Full:

– Equiline Exatron: halfpad made of artificial wool. Available in black-natural, navy-naturel, grijs-natural and burgundy-natursl.
– Equiline Argo: halfpad made of 100% wool. Available in black with natural wool and black with black wool.
The Argo and Exatron are variable in stock, the current stock is mentioned with the product. If not in stock delivery will take about 3 weeks.

Animo Italia halfpads

Animo Italia has 3 types of halfpads in size Full:

– Animo Italia W-PAD: halfpad made of memory foam
– Animo Italia W-DAP: halfpad made of shock absorbing foam
– Animo Italia W-GRIP: equel as W-DAP but with an extra anti-slip layer both upper- and underside

You can customize these pads in your own colours. Choose from 5 basic colours and add a trimming of your choice. The W-PAD has also an option for cord and/or an extra binding.

Your Animo Italia halfpad will be custom made in Italy, delivery will take about 6 weeks.

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