Equiline custom made

The Equiline brand needs no introduction. This Italian top brand has been providing very fine products for both horse and rider for years. How cool is it that you can order the Equiline products in your own colors!

Saddlepad, flyveil, rug, stable curtain and stable guard custom made

You can adjust all of these with a different color for the edge (trimming) and 1 to 3 cords. For the flyveils is trimming not available.  The same cords and trimmings are used for all horse products, perfect to match your complete outfit!
Rhinestones: Always along the outer edge in combination with 1 or 2 cords on the inside. Only the Beige Rhinestones S005 can be placed between 2 cords or without cords at all. You can choose whether you want the rhinestones only at the back or all around the saddlepad.
(Glitter) Tape: Can only be ordered without cords or rhinestones. Can be combined with a different colour for the trimming.

Alle trimming, cords and Rhinestones for the Equiline saddlepads, flyveils, stable curtains and stable guards:

Equiline Octagon, Quadro, Lauren or Tetrix saddlepad

The custom saddlepads are available in 4 different variants. The Octagon saddle pad with the well-known Equiline diamond, the Quadro saddle pad with the classic small diamond , the Lauren saddle pad with a large check and a waffle lining at the underside and the Tetrix with a Tetrix diamond, reinforcement at the withers and extra good shock absorption. Every saddlepad has his own basic colour and available models. Octagon: from € 89,- Quadro: from € 82,- Lauren: from € 114,- Tetrix: from € 124,- Extra costs for the options: – Different colour for trimming € 10,- – cord, per piece € 12,50 – (glitter) tape€ 20,- – rhinestones € 40,- – rhinestones all around € 75,- The Octagon and Quadro dressage model is also available in size XL without surcharge. Deliverry of the custom Equiline saddlepas is about 4 weeks. You can find the custom Equiline saddlepads here >>

Equiline flyveil custom made

Equiline has 3 different flyveil models: Flyveil Kim, from € 42,- – standard model – 8 basic colours – size Full or Pony – size Pony only available in basic colours black or navy – Soundproof in size Pony, Cob and Full in basic colours black or navy Flyveil Square, from € 57,- – flvyeil with a straight edge – basic colours black or navy – size Full – with Soundless ears in Cob or Full Flyveil Long, from € 57,- – long flyveil that you can attach to the noseband – basic colours black or navy – size Full – with Soundless ears in Cob or Full   All flyveils can be customized with 1 to 3 cords and/or rhinestones. You can also order a patch on your flyveil for embroidery. Of cours we can arrange the embroidery for you. You can find the custom Equiline flyveils here >>
Equiline kleuren oornetjes

Equiline rug custom made

Equiline’s fleece rug Hugo is a beautiful rug which can be customized in your own colours. For the basic colour you can choose from blue, black or grey. You can order the rug with a different colour for the trimming and 1-3 cords and/or Rhinestones. For the rugs the same cords, binding and strass are used as for the saddlepads and flyveils. Perfect to match your outfit! Hugo comes with detachable cross surcingles. Do you like it really fancy? Then you add an ornament, a decoration on the backside of the rug. For the ornament you can choose from 10 colours. The Hugo fleece rug is available in size XS to XXL. Here you can order the Hugo from € 84,-   Equiline Fleece deken samenstellen

Equiline Stable accessories custom made

Equiline has beautiful accessories which come in handy at the stable and/or competitions. And they are customizable as well! You can order the stable curtains, stable guards, stable bags en saddlepads hanger in the basic colours black or navy. Choose your own colour for the trimming and add 1 or 2 cords. The same cords and binding are used as for the saddlepads and flyveils.     Prices of the stable accessories: Stable curtain Small, from € 139,- Stable curtain Large, from € 159,- Stable guard, from € 119,- Stable bag Small, from € 99,- Stalbag Large, from € 178,- Saddlepad hanger, from € 115,- Without customization all accessories are most of the time available in 2-3 weeks. We have a variety of the accessoires in stock, please contact us if you need anything soon. You can customize the accessories with a different colour for the trimming and 1 or 2 cords, delivery of the custom items will take about 4 weeks. We can arrange the embroidery for you, this will add about two week to the delivery time. You can find the Equiline Stable accessories here>>

Equiline competition jacket custom made

Customize your Equiline competition jacket in your own favourite colours! All jackets are made with the excellent X-Cool Evo material. This makes your jacket breathable, a bit stretchy and water repellent. And a perfect fit! Equiline has 3 models which can be customized: Classic competition jacket Gait, custom from € 644,- Short tailcoat Blum, custom from € 725,- Long tailcoat Cadence, custom from € 825,-     Each model has his own basic colours. The Gait jacket is available in European sizes 32 to 46 in black and blue. Other colours up to size 44. The short tailcoat Blum is available in European sizes 32 to 44, the long tailcoat Cadence is available in European sizes 34 to 46. For the collar, pockets and points you can choose from a wide range of Alcantara fabric, which is a suede look a like. Also you have the option for black of blue satin, or keep the collar the same as the jacket. For the collar, pockets and points you can add a piping or a dubble piping. In combination with rhinestones the rhinestones will always be attached on the outside. For the buttons you have 6 options, with or without Swarovski.   Equiline wedstrijdjas zelf samenstellen
  The sleeves can be made to length for you at an additional cost. In the showroom we have different jackets that you can try on for the size. We also have color samples of the jackets, collar colours, piping and buttons. Feel free to make a no-obligation appointment to view and fit. You can also send a message if you would like to see color combinations, we will send you combinations of the samples. Take into account a delivery time of about 8 weeks for the custom jackets. You can find the Equiline custom jackets here >>     Do you want to get inspired? You can find a lot of examples on our Facebook  and Instagram pages. Would you like to come by sometime? Contact us to make an appointment.